Upcoming Third Thursday event – THDA policy analyst Mick Nelson to speak on housing needs in Tennessee

At our upcoming November Third Thursday event, Mick Nelson, policy analyst with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA), will speak on “An Assessment of Housing Needs in Tennessee.”  We will meet in Training Room 1 of Avon Williams Campus from noon to 1pm on Thursday, November 15.

Logo of THDAThis presentation will describe both the process and results of a housing needs assessment carried out by THDA over the past 12 months. The assessment details both the housing needs across Tennessee as well as the major housing programs available to address these needs (which are delivered by a variety of federal, state and local entities). THDA also attempted to look at the geographic relationship of housing needs and housing programs to identify areas that are particularly well-served and those areas where needs are high but housing services are low.

Please join us for this timely talk and as always feel free to bring your lunch!    More logistics and map – please see our Lunchtime Lectures page.